It is public knowledge that driving a vehicle after consuming alcohol is against the law. However, there are some occasions when this may happen, such as when a person tries to return home after a party before a football game (tailgate party) or after a party on the beach. In those cases, it is possible that the driver’s worst nightmare is to detect the flashing lights of a patrol in his rearview mirror.

When a police officer stops a driver in Florida during a regular traffic control and suspects that the driver has been drinking, he may request the driver to conduct a sobriety test in the field. This test consists of a series of actions that can provide the police with details of a possible disability caused by the consumption of alcohol or drugs. These tests, however, are not infallible. There are some cases in which it is possible that a person does not pass this test, even with all their faculties.

Blood alcohol concentration limits in Florida

One way to determine if a driver is above or below the legally permitted blood alcohol limit in the state of Florida is to control the level of blood alcohol concentration through a breathalyzer breath test or an alcohol analysis. Blood. For drivers at least 21 years old, the limit is 0.08 percent. Drivers under the age of 21 have a limit of 0.02 percent. Drivers of commercial vehicles have a limit of 0.04 percent.

Penalties for drunk driving in the state of Florida

The penalties for convictions for drunk driving in Florida vary based on some factors. Having previous convictions for driving while intoxicated implies increasing the severity of penalties. The percentages of alcohol concentration in blood that exceed 0.15 percent or the fact of circulating with minors in the vehicle are punished with more severe penalties.

In general, a person who has been convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol must comply with a period of imprisonment of a minimum of 10 days for a second conviction and a minimum of 30 days for a third conviction. The suspension of the driver’s license will be imposed for six months, in the case of the first conviction, and the suspension for life, in the case of the fourth sentence. A fine of at least USD 500 will be imposed on the first conviction, a minimum of USD 1000 on the second and a minimum of USD 2000 on the third and fourth convictions.

Agreements to reduce the penalty for drunk driving

The state of Florida allows defendants to plead guilty to negligent driving. Instead of pleading guilty to an intoxicated driving conviction, drivers may plead guilty to negligent driving. This option is preferred whenever possible because a conviction for reckless driving entails less severe consequences than a conviction for drunk driving.

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