You can draft a power of attorney giving a wide range of powers to your agent, or a more limited power of attorney, giving your agent specific powers for only certain transactions. Either type of POA can give your agent power to sell property on your behalf.

A Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney is a simple yet powerful document that enables a car owner to grant all matters related to the registering, licensing, transfer of …

How to Transfer a Title With a Power of Attorney | LegalZoom Legal … – A power of attorney is a document signed by someone, known as the principal, … Many dmv sites have a fillable power-of-attorney form online that the seller may … Present these documents to the clerk to complete the transfer and provide any  …

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When you want to give a third person control of the sale of your vehicle, you’ll need to grant that person a power of attorney. You can draft your own POA document or get a form from your state’s department of motor vehicles.


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